Is Public (Government) Education the Biggest Threat to our Liberty?

Sad news coming out of Nashville, Tennessee yesterday. I believe it points straight back to what I believe to be one of the biggest threats to our liberty in this great Republic. That would, of course, be government education. It seems that this 29-year transgender allowed their mental illness to reach a point where the murder of innocents was the only outlet to express how special and different he was.

If public education were not so enabling of this behavior, would we be in this situation? Instead of forcing children in classrooms to “pretend” along with this individual and instead referring them to mental health professionals, do you think this would have been the outcome? Probably not. Yet here we are, with thousands of these disturbed people that have graduated public schools, and probably colleges and universities as well that reinforced this mental illness as being “normal”, living amongst us ready to blow a fuse at any time over their perceived gripes about how they are being attacked.

This is sickening and the deaths of these innocent children and the adults needs to be laid right at the feet of the government for promoting the normalization of this mental illness condition – gender dysphoria. But that will not be the case, as the communists in this country will (already are) rushing to blame the weapon and not the person, nor the system which created the person. I wonder if the trans community, or their supporters, will mention anything about the t-shirts shown in the attached photos as part of the problem? Critical thinkers already know the answer to that.

This all is the end result of government and its control of education in our nation. But, is public education the biggest threat to our liberty? Tune in Friday to hear my thoughts on what I believe is the biggest threat to our liberty.

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2 thoughts on “Is Public (Government) Education the Biggest Threat to our Liberty?

  1. These look like credible threats. Will the FBI take action? Our government? Or are they all too busy finding reasons to keep imaginary threats like J6ers in prison?

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