It Went As Expected

Well folks, today’s Sevier County GOP Reorganization Convention we much as we expected it to go. A new Chair was elected, and the other positions were mainly reshuffled from the previous organization.

It brought to my mind the definition of insanity. The keep doing the same things, with the same people. Over and over again, expecting different results. Maybe, just maybe, they don’t want different results.

They are quite content with the Sevier County Board of Education allowing corrosive, divisive, and sexualizing curriculum into our schools. Yes, every member of the BOE was present and votes to continue the trend.

They also seem quite content of continuing to support candidates in the TN General Assembly that: 1) Propose legislation that gives preference to foreign workers over legal citizens, while providing loopholes for illegal aliens to exploit in; 2) Vote to allow Democrats to vote in Republican primaries; 3) Sponsor legislation that weakens our Human Life Protection Act; 4) Allow the important of illegal immigrant children into our school system further straining our tax dollars; 5) Fails to support all conservative pieces of legislation; and the list goes on.

They appear to be perfectly happy with a County GOP that only hosts a Lincoln Day Dinner and a golf tournament every year.

It does not seem to bother them that they lack transparency in their activities.

In essence, they truly enjoy the good ole boys club for the status symbol only. They are not interested in truly advancing the Republican Party platform and principles. If they did, they would be more welcoming and encouraging for participation in the County GOP.

I am not exactly sure what the next two years will have in store, but if the way the vote went down – it will just be more of the same.

Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged. Take up the challenge thrown down by the results of today’s vote and engage on true constitutional, conservative principles. If they won’t do the work, it doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sidelines and watch their apathy contribute to the rot and decay that is spreading throughout our beloved Volunteer State and our Republic.























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