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Latest Blog Post – I recently came across, and became friends with, a fellow retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer that has decided to still take a stand in the arena.

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My own recent campaign demonstrated to me that it takes a lot of effort and determination for retired members of the Armed Forces to throw their hat in the political arena. After 20, 30, or more years of serving our country in uniform, most veterans do not relish the idea of engaging in this completely different form of warfare. Often there is better money and/or an easier lifestyle that lure us away from taking part in these battles. There is also our families to consider. The spouses and children that we quite often left behind while we went to places unknown and faced dangers unimaginable. Why would we put our families through more of these uncertainties? The political battles introduce our families to scrutiny that is often biased and defamatory in their intrusiveness as well.

So I can understand completely the sacrifices and trials that Veterans like Antwane and his family are making in pursuing this venture. I also appreciate how many Veterans, more often than not, truly understand what our Constitution actually states and their continuing fealty to their oaths. Please give him a look, and if you live in his district consider electing him to represent you in Congress.

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