Results…Not Excuses

Latest Blog Post – A Mantra to Live By — “Results…Not Excuses”

During my career in the Navy, more specifically my 20+ years as a Chief Petty Officer, the Chiefs’ Mess would operate using the mantra, or motto, of “Results…Not Excuses.” While commendable, the results produced sometimes were unfavorable. Still, the remained, and most likely remains, the mantra to this day.

I believe that this is also the unspoken, or unacknowledged, mantra we hold our elected officials to as well. Without specifying the actual results the electorate desires – we accept the daily churn of their activities that often result in the usurpations of our liberty. For example, if you search how many bills have been proposed in the new U.S. Congress you will find an extraordinary amount of proposed legislation and resolutions. Specifically, as of today there have been 400+ bills introduced in the House of Representatives by the 118th Congress. Less than a month and just look at the “results” We the People are getting. Only eight incumbents lost their bid for reelection in 2022. With that level of incumbency, we can expect to continue to get the same “results” we have had for generations.

That is only at the federal level. I am quite sure that the individual states experienced similar outcomes for their legislatures. We the People need to force our elected officials to adopt a new mantra.

Only by our participation can we force them to give “Liberty Results…No Excuses.”

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