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Partnership in Evil

Latest blog post – A partnership in evil is now on full display

The American Civil Liberties Union is declaring themselves to be a full partner in the evil being perpetuated on America’s youth. At least ACLU-TN is openly declaring it.

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The organization, founded in 1920, to defend individual rights and liberties is now defending mutilation surgeries on America’s youth under the guise of protecting the euphemistically titled “gender-affirming health care.” The science on this has been settled, a male human being cannot become a female human being period. Not with medication, and certainly not with surgery. Instead of treating the mental illness of gender dysphoria, a huge money making machine of hormone suppressants and permanent mutilation surgeries is gathering woke allies from all sectors of society. These sectors are, to use a term the left regularly employs, science deniers – all for the motive of profit.

The ACLU-TN is not performing its founding functions of being “freedom’s watchdog, challenging government abuse of rights and fighting for fairness in our laws…”. Instead, they are now profiteers off of mental illness and equal partners in evil.

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