The Real Collusion

Latest Blog Post – The real collusion concerning election interference has been emphatically proven.

If you have a Twitter account you need to read this thread –

Matt Taibbi, with permission and access presumably granted by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk, brings the receipts that prove election interference in the 2020 presidential election. I highly encourage each and every one of you to read the thread. While many people, especially those on the right, intellectually knew this was happening – it is now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Leftist activist Twitter employees actively (you could say enthusiastically) suppressed factual information that changes the outcome of an election in this country. If they acted alone it would just be hyper-partisanship from a private social media company, albeit a company with a huge share of the digital public square. They weren’t acting alone though. They were following orders and suggestions from the government and a major political party. In other words, they were engaged in government sponsored censorship.

There were many polls conducted in the weeks and months after the 2020 election that prove the outcome would have been different if the public knew of the details on Hunter Biden’s laptop. In fact, the former deputy general counsel of the FBI – James Baker – encouraged Twitter to “stay the course” in the suppression of that information contained on the laptop. This is despite the FBI being in possession of that laptop long before the story broke and knew the laptop and its contents were genuine.

It has been a while since I stated that #OurGovernmentHatesUs but it is true. The federal government, using a very willing accomplice in leftist run Twitter, denied the American people vital information the weeks leading up to a presidential election in order to install somebody they thought would be more easily controlled. It is high time that all social media companies lose their section 230 protections and that the FBI be completely dismantled and replaced with nonpartisan people.

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