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Yes, your vote does matter. Especially when you don’t vote (no input is an input), or when you keep voting for the same people over and over. I am sharing the Tennessee Report Card for Sevier County public schools. This is the result you get when you keep putting the same people on the Sevier County Board of Education over and over. They have failed the children of Sevier County. They have failed the parents of Sevier County. They have failed every taxpayer here in Sevier County. And yes, we are stuck with them for the next two years because the state of Tennessee does not provide for recall elections for county Boards of Education. You have two years to chew on this and attempt to swallow it. No matter how much money we throw at this problem – the SCBOE determines how that money is spent. So far, they are producing the opposite of what parents want for their children.

Report card for 2020-2021 here – Tennessee School Report Cards | Sevier County | Academic Achievement (

Start the hard work now that is needed to save children. Advocate for a change in the Tennessee law that allows for recall elections. You can do that by emailing each of our Representatives.

District 12 Representative Mister Dale Carr –

District 17 Representative Mister Andrew Farmer –

Senate District 9 Senator Steve Southerland –

Senate District 8 Senator Frank Nicely –

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