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Latest Blog Post – Some Surprising but Welcoming News

While going through all the news sources I read on a regular basis, I came across something that caused me to sit up and say, “About Time!” Of course this news came from my go-to source which every Conservative Tennessean should be reading – The Tennessee Conservative. You can subscribe by visiting their website here –

I get their daily stories in my email inbox everyday before noon. I won’t bore you (or disgust you) with the list of all the sites I get my news from. you have to read what your adversaries are saying and the stories they are covering, because they always reveal themselves.

Anyway, the “about time” story can be found here –

Imagine that though. An American church taking a stand against the culture. Taking a stand against the rot and evil the enemy is subject the children of our nation to. Like I said, it is about time. I can already here the cries of “bigots” being generated by the supporters of child mutilation and supporters of anti-Christian ideology. Just maybe this will be the start of the Church becoming the cliffs against the wave of culture will break against. For the Church to once again playing a prominent role in the spiritual and cultural lives of all of our fellow Americans. Time will tell though.

In the interim, we can publicly support this church’s position. Cheer them on publicly and privately. Send letters and notes of encouragement to the leadership of that church. Even if that church is not your particular denomination. Something I read in a devotional recently certainly applies in this situation. “An expectant faith is contagious.” Let’s all be a contagion of faith.

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