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Latest Blog Post – Random Weekend Thoughts

This week has a recurring theme for me. The word light has come up in many conversations this week, and in many different contexts. The first, and most import context comes from God’s word. Psalms 119:105 – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Have you ever walked in the dark and stubbed your toe? Especially in unfamiliar locations. But, even in a familiar location we need light to see where we are placing our feet. The lovely and talented Denise can absolutely vouch for that. A couple of weeks ago she broke her middle toe and severely bruised the surrounding toes walking in the dark in our bedroom. She was trying to not wake me up by turning the lights on in the bedroom. It took quite awhile to recover from that injury, and the mistake of not having a light for her path.

Psalms 199:105 was discussed in this week’s message at church, in a couple of different meetings I attended, and in several completely unrelated posts from friends and people I follow on social media.

In another instance when dealing with light – it is that time of year when lighted decorations are being put up all over the house, inside and out. Every year Denise and I put up hundreds, if not thousands, of lights and lighted decorations for the Christmas season. Sometimes, some of those lights do not work. If they can’t be repaired, there are discarded. After all, why keep something that was designed to provide light that cannot perform as designed?

What has been happening in our nation is the opposite though. The light source works and always will. The problem today is people are intentionally blinding themselves to that light. Both sources of light that guide our nation.

The first light is the Word of God, and the second light is our Biblically inspired Constitution. People all around the nation have abandoned those two lights and seek out the fickle and ever-changing false light that is the culture.

Imagine all of lives right now if everybody in our nation used those two lights. How bright would our path be? How much more united would we be? We could see clearly the actions of the enemy in our families, our homes, our neighborhoods. We could see clearly the usurpations of our God-given gift of free will, and our God-given, self-evident, inalienable rights protected by that Biblically inspired document called the Constitution of the United States of America by agents of the enemy.

There is a way to help though. We can immerse ourselves in the light that is the Word. Our Founding Fathers created, and passed down to us, a nation founded upon Biblical principles. We can encourage those around us to immerse themselves in the Word as well. We can also immerse ourselves in our founding documents and encourage those people in our sphere of influence to do the same. With our Bible and our Constitution as the lights for our nation’s – and elected leaders’ – path, freedom will abound.

So, random thought boils down to this. Share the light, and be a light.

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