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Do you really think 2024 will be different? After former President Trump’s announcement last night – the same cycle started again. Liberal angst and complaining all over social media, and many on the right were celebrating. Much the same as what happened after the famous trip down the escalator in 2015.

What makes the people on the right, especially the ardent Trump supporters (of which I am one) think things will be different than what happened in 2020 and this year? 2016 was a fluke because the Democrats (communists) thought the treacherous, self-absorbed, evil witch Hillary had that election in the bag. They did not think she was going to lose so they did not marshall all of their resources needed to steal the election. They got lost in their own hubris and we saw the result.

They could not allow that to stand so they did everything in their power to cripple his presidency. Despite their best efforts and two impeachments, and with the exception of the Scamdemic, by all measures he had a successful four years in office.

That success built the inevitability of a second term in office. Which, of course, the communists, RINOs, globalists, and the Uniparty pulled out all the stops to prevent that from happening. What did the American people end up with? Well, we all see what we ended up with playing across our televisions and newsfeeds for two years now. We can also see that we are being dragged into a possible World War III with a nuclear former superpower. All to protect the uniparty’s and Communist’s best money laundering partner.

Then we rolled into the 2022 mid-term elections where the uniparty stuck to their plan and the communists kept their election fraud machines in place. Those combined forces once again prevented the voices of the citizens to be heard. They are only interested in their power and control, and need to rob us of liberty to keep their hands on the reins of government. They cannot allow a disrupter like Trump at the helm – ever again.

So dear friends, what makes you think the 2024 election will be any different than the 2020 and 2022 elections. Just because he is running, even against the backdrop of the poop show that is currently running our country, do you think that the fraud and cheating will not happen? I believe it will be even worse.

The forces that decided to negate the peoples’ voices in 2020 and 2022 will go to new heights to ensure that Donald Trump goes down in a massive defeat. The fraud will be tremendous, quite obvious to all Americans. Yes, even those on the left that don’t believe it happened in the past but benefitted from it. They need to not only crush him, but they need to do it so bad in order to demoralize his supporters and anyone other disrupter that may consider a future run for the office of the presidency.

That will be result if we do not take care and do away with the biggest threat to our liberty over the next two years. Just what is that threat you may ask? What is the biggest enemy to liberty in our Republic? Well, tune in this Friday morning as I discuss that on the podcast. If any of you think you have the same answer as I, send me an email. I just might bring the people with the right answer for a guest spot on the podcast. Send your thoughts to me at

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