Uniparty Strikes Again

The Uniparty Strikes Again!

Now that it is pretty much firmed up that the GOP did not win the majority in the Senate, and has a slimmer majority in the House than Cans Pelosi had, the party is now selecting its leadership in both chambers. The news reports coming out right now are just confirming what many of us already knew – our federal government is really just led by the Uniparty. That party is starting to establish beachheads in state governments as well.

Senator Mitch McConnell will keep his role as the Senate Minority Leader. This is the same role his leadership during the 2020 election relegated him to.

The new Speaker of the House will be Kevin McCarthy. He will be joined in the GOP leadership by the new GOP Majority Whip – Representative Tom Emmer.

Many of you may not be aware of just who Mister Emmer is, but he was the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee. The organization responsible to campaign for, and get a majority of GOP members elected to the House.

Yours and my reward for supporting, financially or in other ways, the GOP will ensure that no action will be taken in Congress to expose the corruption of the Biden Crime Family, along with other high ranking members of the DNC. Why do I say that? Because as members of the GOP they are complicit, or enablers, of that same corruption. They most assuredly will do nothing to expose there involvement in the crimes against our liberty.

Instead of seeking victory through ensuring election integrity after the poop-show of the 2020 elections, they instead chose to partner with the Communists in their money laundering scheme involving Ukraine and FTX. Their purposeful inaction delivered us the stunning “losses” in those elections. Despite 75% of the electorate saying that our country is headed in the wrong direction, we supposedly voted to continue that trajectory.

So, instead of seeking out and advancing true Conservative leadership in Congress – they promote or retain mediocrity. We should all be asking why would the GOP betray Conservatives and their base with these moves? The answer to that “why?” question is this – there isn’t an adversarial relationship between the GOP and the DNC. But, there is an adversarial relationship between Conservatives and both the GOP and DNC, the Uniparty.

The Uniparty is driving our Republic over the precipice where there will no longer be a political solution to an out of control federal government. Keeping those people in leadership positions for the next two-years send a very clear signal to the Republic. The message is this – The ruling elite are fully in control and the citizens need to just sit down, shut up, and color. Keep paying your taxes and we will complete the radical transformation of this Constitutional Republic into an Oligarchy.

So, if you sat on the sidelines these past few years, just wanting to be left alone – I’ve got news for you. You will not be left alone. Those of you that just thought that the past two elections were just part of the cyclical process in our political system – despite the results breaking from long established norms and precedents – your blindness and apathy have helped to firmly entrench the usurpers into office.

It will be up to every individual to shift their focus (or lack of focus) from the federal government back to our states. The hard work needs to start there before all is lost.

State governments are heading in the same direction as the federal government. If you want tyrants at the federal and state level, keep doing what you are doing now. To borrow the title of one of President Ronald Reagan’s great speeches – IT IS A TIME FOR CHOOSING!

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