Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Move along, nothing to see here.

You “election deniers” and “conspiracy theorists” just need to move along. There is nothing at all wrong with voting systems anywhere in our country. All the results from the 2022 mid-term elections are completely legitimate.

Before I go further with this post, watch this video:

It seems that before the 2020 elections the mainstream media, in partnership with just about every communist elected official was very willing to lend their voices and give a platform to what today would be called “election deniers” all throughout the land. Why has that changed? Well, we all know the why don’t we? If you can think for yourselves that is.

After 2020, it turned into the steady drumbeat and unified course of action from “selected” officials and their willing allies in the media “colluding” to silence, or cancel, anybody that dares to question the integrity of our election systems. One of the common themes the past two years has been, “Sure there is a little bit of fraud in our elections, but not enough to have any effect nationally.”

That is the equivalent of a little bit of poop in the brownie though, isn’t it? A little bit of fraud mixed in here and there doesn’t dramatically alter the taste, or semblance of “free and fair” elections that the electorate buys into every two years now. When you consider the number and frequency of elections across our Republic, well that amounts to a lot of poop government and their media allies are convincing the public to eat.

Arizona is a perfect example. Many Americans have been watching the election out there for a week now. A lot of people know something is fishy, while an equal number just suspect something is fishy. Or should I say poopy?

I want to call your attention to a couple of articles. Read them. If you are like me you know some poop is in the brownie out there. What you must do now is convince those that have their heads buried in the sand to at least read these articles and try to develop, without using mainstream media as their source material, a logical argument for why they believe there is no fraud in our electoral process.

First article here –

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The next article is here –

So, just enough poop in the brownie to alter state-wide elections, but not alter the taste so much that people who question it will be labeled as “election deniers”, much as people were labeled “anti-vaxxers” if they only questioned one particular vaccine but accept many others. Sowing division and doubt is what the evil alliance between entrenched government and mainstream media do best.

In our system of federalism, often ignored by the federal government itself, the ruling elite know that to completely solidify their power it needs to happen at the state level as well. The federal government would love if every state turned into California. All the states are too. Some more slowly than others, but it is happening.

All of the above is shared to accomplish a few goals for me. To get the audience to question everything government is doing “TO” us under the guise of doing something “FOR” us.

Also question anything that comes from the government AND mainstream media to reads and sounds similar. That is what we used to do in our country and it kept an effective check on government overreach. In 2016 the commies in government and the mainstream media heavily promoted the idea that our election system was vulnerable and would result in illegitimate victors (video link above). In 2020 up until today, they completely reversed their position. Our elections are safe and secure, resulting in legitimate victors. What changed, or why their reversal? People capable of critical thinking know the why. We know when government is urinating on us and are telling us it is raining.

The next thing to do is convince everybody in your sphere of influence to do the same. We better start waking everybody up to this unholy alliance before there will no longer be a political solution.

H/T to Robby Starbuck, CD Media, and Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks for the material shared.

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