Who Would’ve Thought?

Who would’ve thought that two separate judges would reach the same Constitutional decision about the Usurper’s student loan forgiveness plan? These two decisions are a few days late though, and that is by design.

While the communists’ vote buying scheme has been deemed unconstitutional, the damage has already been done. Gen Z’ers bought into that lie hook, line, and sinker and showed up at the polls in large numbers. Of course they did so with their hands out, looking for a bailout from their poor educational choices. These are the same group of people that decry government bailouts of corporations (also unconstitutional), but because of the damage done by our nation’s “public education” system, they are completely unaware of their own hypocrisy.

Article here – https://conservativebrief.com/admin-stops-68242/?utm_source=CB&utm_medium=JE

I encourage all to read what United States District Judge Pittman had to say in the first ruling on the wealth transfer from hard-working taxpayers without college educations to people that love nothing better than to suckle off the government’s teat. Again though, why so late with these decisions? Why not when this unconstitutional program was initially rolled out? We know the answer. All three branches of the institution created to secure the peoples’ liberty care not for liberty, but for power and control.

Time for a new direction folks.

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