See, I Told You So….

Two sides of the same coin.

I am sure that many of my followers have been salivating at the possibility of taking down the Democrats over the news about FTX crypto and their ties to Ukraine and money laundering. Well, do not hold your breath. There is more to the story.

Also, because the scandal has ties to very prominent members of the communist party, do not expect the not so free mainstream press to investigate, or even cover the story. When it comes to anything that challenges the narrative of the communists and usurpers, our press becomes very uncurious (fraudulent elections, men dressed as women dancing provocatively in front of children, curriculums designed to destroy the nuclear family, etc.).

But the “see I told you so” is that this scandal ties to the GOP as well. Each of the members of Congress that voted to transfer our sweat equity to protect another country’s borders instead of our own, contributed to this theft. Because both parties received money from the money laundering middle-man, FTX. See the photos of the Federal Election Commission filings below. These political parties knew this was going on and benefitted from it to the tune of millions of dollars. It wasn’t just a wealth transfer from the pockets of Americans to a corrupt foreign government. It was a wealth transfer to their own pockets.

This brings to mind a quote from a gentleman I follow on Telegram that is devoted to election integrity. He wrote this –

“The colonists tried and tried and tried to petition the British to remedy their grievances. They were ignored over and over again, and in fact, cracked down on even worse.”

“We seek to remedy our problems by voting the corrupt out. They’ve responded by doubling down and entrenching themselves into power, using two prominent parties to do it, keeping an illusion of choice alive.”

“Americans persevere and find new solutions, and it has never been more clear we need a new path.”

“History repeats.”

Both parties are entrenched through activities like the FTX money laundering.

Much like I wrote the other day. It will take our best effort to find and execute a new path to the restoration of our Republic. It starts with every individual first taking back our state legislatures, and have them fix the federal government. That is how our Constitutional Republic is designed to operate. Without our best effort, the enemy and tyranny will win the day.

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