Pull My Other Leg, It Plays ‘Jingle Bells’

So, what are we to believe? The GOP failed to take the Senate and maybe not take the House because people believe our country is doing so well? Or, that people that even though the Commies are running our nation into the ground the voters still want to give them a chance?

Read this article about a brand new Ipsos poll – https://conservativebrief.com/biden-sinks-68252/?utm_source=CB&utm_medium=JE

Those entrenched commies in our states’ and nation’s capitals, along with their lackeys in the mainstream media and political parties want us all to believe the recent elections were free and fair? They want us to believe that even though a vast majority (74%) of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track, we voted to stay the course until the train goes over the cliff?

The apathy of the electorate in not holding government officials accountable to ensure our elections are secure and trustworthy has led us to the point in our nation’s history where the options for a political solution are running out. The endgame for a non-political solution will not be pretty and more people will suffer needlessly because they chose to stay on the sidelines and wait for somebody else to come to their rescue. We have to, each of us, come to our own rescue.






















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