Late to the Party

It looks like the Republican supermajority-controlled Tennessee General Assembly is a bit late to the party (again), but what they are bringing seems a bit promising.

Two recently introduced bills a much like a future “Biden / Fedderman ’24” ticket – no brainers. The Republican supermajority-controlled General Assembly just might be paying attention to the cultural war and have started fighting back. I do not believe it is based upon their principles though. Looking back over the past two years has shown not much is done by the TNGOP members in the General Assembly out of principle, but out of reluctantly listening to the majority of the people here in Tennessee. When the final versions of the two bills I will link to below are passed, we will know just how much principle they have.

The first bill we will discuss is Senate Bill 0001 (House companion bill is HB 0001). The caption text of this bill reads – As introduced, prohibits a healthcare provider from performing on a minor or administering to a minor a medical procedure if the performance or administration of the procedure is for the purpose of enabling a minor to identify with, or live as, a purported identity inconsistent with the minor’s sex. Yep, that is a no brainer. Allowing doctors to mutilate children for profit and to appease “wokeness” of parents will be prohibited in the Volunteer State. In a truly civil and enlightened society such legislation would not even be needed. That type of society would look at the situation where parents and doctors were permanently altering a child’s sex and believe it would be ludicrous. Yet here we are. Keep in mind this piece of legislation is a response to the fall-out of the heinous acts being performed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center that reporting exposed recently. The acts that were being performed since 2018 but apparently took elected officials by surprise. I do not buy that at all.

SB0001 (Tennessee General Assembly Legislation ( was introduced by State Senator Jack Johnson who almost lost his primary bid to a true conservative last August. I guess that will wake up a member of the ruling elite, right? The proof will be in the pudding so to say. Meaning, the final version passed and signed into law will demonstrate the new aristocracy’s commitment to winning this battle in the culture war. I would like all of the Tennessee followers of this blog to write a letter to Senator Johnson, as well as the co-sponsors of this bill an email to thank them for this piece of legislation, but also to encourage them to ensure this bill not only makes it out of sub-committee and committee, but that it does so without being watered down like previous conservative pieces of legislation in the past.

Senator Johnson’s email –; Senator Yager’s email –; Senator Haile’s email –

You can also call them as well. Senator Johnson’s phone number is (615) 741-2495; Senator Yager’s phone number is (615) 714-1449; Senator Haile’s email is (615) 741-1999.

We cannot leave out the companion bill’s sponsor in the House. That would be Representative Lamberth. His email address and phone number are, (615) 741-1980. The co-sponsor of this bill is Speaker Cameron Sexton. His email address and phone number are, (615) 741-2343.

The next bill up is another one that is hard to believe that we actually have to put into law. Again, apparently Senator Jack Johnson has seen the writing on the wall about just how upset conservatives in his district really are. Two of his first bills introduced represent true conservative values.

SB0003 (Tennessee General Assembly Legislation ( does not have a house companion bill yet, but hopefully that will change here in the new future. The caption text of that bill is this – bscenity and Pornography – As introduced, creates an offense for a person who engages in an adult cabaret performance on public property or in a location where the adult cabaret performance could be viewed by a person who is not an adult.

Also think about this folks. Just why do cross-dressing men want to dance provocatively in front of children while scantily clad? It is bad enough that there are some parents that would subject their own children to this, but just why do these Drag Queens insist on performing in front of children. We all know the “why?” don’t we though.

So please, email or call these legislators first to thank them for these bills, but also to let them know that you will be following its progress until passed into law. Let them know that there will be consequences for not protecting children during the next election cycle. The voters may have short memories, but this platform along with many others will not forget.





















The Tennessee State Capitol Building

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