Best Effort

Are we giving our best effort? Are we spending ourselves in a worthy cause? Outside of fulfilling the great commission, what more worthy cause in this temporary home can there be other than exercising the gift, the inalienable right, of free will our Creator gave to us?

The enemy is always giving it’s best effort to steal, kill, and destroy. The very willing allies of the enemy are doing the same thing, right before our faces – and are using the assets of those of us that do not put forth our best effort.

Large portions of our sweat equity, the fruits of our labor, are stolen from us every day, every paycheck. It is then turned around and used against us in varying ways. From the purchases of curriculums in public education to twist and then mold the minds of children to believe differently than the parents, to paying the salaries of the people doing the molding. It is funneled into the money laundering scheme of foreign aid and brought back to our shores to ensure the election, or reelection, of people that subvert and erode our Constitution and the protection it provides. It is used to fuel the size, scope, and reach of an institution that no longer serves to secure the liberty of the citizens. It is used against us through the manipulation of the system where the citizens’ voices are best heard – our elections.

Our sweat equity, and the lack of the best effort from people who profess to believe the way we do in order to get elected, is being used to kill our spirit and hope for passing along a Constitutional Republic to our children and grandchildren. The intentional lack of the best effort from our supposed allies at every level of government aids the enemy in the killing of our spirit. Look around you in the aftermath of the last election cycle. Talk with your fellow Patriots about how they feel. Our supposed allies in this fight to maintain our Constitutional Republic withheld their best effort because of their dislike of one man. These supposed allies lack principles, and only desire power and control as well. They are no different than the enemy’s allies.

Freedom, and free will, is being destroyed because not all of us are giving our best effort. We no longer demand servant leadership from elected officials. We do not fully investigate candidates for public office, instead we apathetically rely on political party affiliation. Large portions of the electorate fail to even participate in our Christian-inspired form of self-governance, and tyranny will be the ultimate result. The destruction of our free will is necessary for the enemy to succeed.

So, ask yourself if you are giving your best effort to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutional Republic? You don’t have to serve in the military to follow an oath to the Constitution. Citizenship in a Republic demands from us all a duty to Stand in the Arena. Are you actively encouraging others to do the same, or just providing mere lip service to it? Be encouraged that the enemy and it’s allies have not completed their work yet, giving us all an opportunity to stay in this fight.

For my part, I will continue to Stand in Arena. I ask you to join me in this fight to RESTORE, preserve, protect, defend, AND pass down to our future generations, the system of government that was passed down to us from our Founding Fathers. Join with me and give your best effort. Encourage others to give their best effort. Because the enemy and it’s allies give nothing less than their best effort at all times.


















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