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Today is the Day

Polls will open here in Tennessee shortly. Voters across the state will be making their choice for what they believe to be the best candidate. Often their choice has already been made for them though. They may live in a district where a candidate is running unopposed. Or they may live in a district where the political parties decided who was, and was not, going to be on the ballot. Or, they may not even vote at all, allowing voter apathy to make the decision.

The first two do not apply to the residents of Tennessee’s 12th House District. There is more than one candidate running, and thankfully it isn’t one from the party that is filled with communists. One of the candidates is seeking his sixth term in the General Assembly, after serving for many years as an Alderman on the Sevierville City Council. The other candidate (myself) is a 30-year Veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States of America that recognized our General Assembly was not performing it’s primary duty – to secure the rights of the citizens.

One is a candidate that has been described by the largest Conservative newspaper in the state as a “bench warmer” in the GOP supermajority in the General Assembly. The other candidate (myself again) received that organization’s endorsement in this campaign.

One is a candidate that ran unopposed in the primary election because the state GOP did not allow a choice this election cycle. The #TNGOP disqualified and removed from the ballot somebody they did not approve. The other candidate (again, me) bucked #TNGOP politics and decided to take a Stand in the Arena for the people of this district and provide the voters voters a clear choice this election cycle. The choice between doing the same old, same old, or having an elected official that will serve the people and not the monied interests of corporations, lobbyists, unions, or political parties.

There is a very distinct choice this election cycle here in Sevier County. We can continue down the path where we allow the General Assembly to put the federal government, corporations, and other interests ahead of the rights of Tennesseans, or we can send somebody to Nashville that understands and will follow their oath of office.

The residents of Tennessee’s 12th House District throw of the apathy of not voting, or voting along party lines that has out us in this mess, or we can send a servant leader to Nashville that will pit the liberty of the citizens first in every action he takes in our state’s capital.

The choice is clear #SevierCounty. Will you all take a Stand in the Arena with me and remind government of their true master – the people? Or will we continue our trek down the path of everybody but the citizens controlling our state government? I am humbly asking for your vote today to restore sovereign control of our government back to its rightful place.




















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