200 Miles

That is the distance traveled today placing campaign signs at every polling station in District 12.

I have no idea how many miles traveled by foot and vehicle during my door to door campaigning. I would have to say that is at least 5 times the distance traveled today.

All in all though, it has been great meeting with and talking to the voters here in Sevier County. Like me, a vast majority of them are concerned with the lack of direction by our General Assembly. Together, I hope we can be the change Nashville needs.

I believe my earlier post today about honking and waving if you saw me out and about placing my signs reached a few people. Thank you to those that did honk and wave. I do have another ask though. Get to a polling station tomorrow. Bring a neighbor or friend. We can do this!

I hope that all of you will take a Stand in the Arena with me tomorrow and take control of our government and ensure it serves the correct master – the people. Not the monied interests it currently serves.




















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