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Early Voting Stats

Well folks, turnout in 2022 is down from the turnout in 2018. That is the bad news. The good news is that early voting turnout this year is better than in 2014.

You can see the complete statistics on the TN SoS website here –

And here –

While I do not know how this lower than 2018 early voting turnout will effect my campaign, the turnout for early voting can either be a positive or a negative.

Positive only if the voters are waiting for election day voting – as we all should. Or negative, in that this is an indicator of voter apathy rearing its ugly head still.

Either of those can be the case, but we do still have the ability to turn it into a positive. If you did not vote early, show up on election day and participate in our system of self-governance. Sevier County can be a trendsetter in two different ways this election cycle.

The first (and my preference of course) is that the voters show up in huge numbers on election day and decide to send an Independent to Nashville to represent this district. That would be a great way to throw off the apathy of voting purely based upon political party affiliation. What an awesome message to send the corrupt political parties in our state.

The second way to be a trendsetter is to buck the trend of low total voter turnout in mid-term elections. Setting the stage for even greater participation in our system of self-governance for this and future elections. Sevier County could be the role model to emulate for the rest of the state and the nation in making the statement that the voters want to reassert themselves as the sovereign in our Constitutional Republic.

Will you take a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle? Will you be help Sevier County be the example for Tennessee and the nation need to follow? Show up on election day and VOTE!




















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