Vote Your Values

Key takeaways from the article linked below – 1) Vote Your Values, 2) Assume Nothing and Dig Deeper, and 3) Stand Up and Be Counted.

Article here –

If you think we are safe here in Sevier County, and in Tennessee, you would be mistaken. A great group of parents and taxpayers here have exposed the sexualizing, corrosive, and divisive materials that are present in our schools. They have shown us all how unresponsive the Sevier County Board of Education is to the people they are supposed to represent. The SCBOE equates the apathy of the residents with permission to further expose children to the toxic concepts of CRT and SEL.

One of the first things I will do if the voters here send me to Nashville is to introduce legislation that will force Boards of Education here and across the state to fulfill their oaths and to be more accountable to the citizens that elect them. We need the ability to recall Board Members that fail to perform their constitutionally mandated duties, and to standardize BOE policies across the state that force them to involve parents in all aspects of their children’s education.

District 12, will you honor me with your vote and by taking a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle? Will you entrust me with your vote and send me to Nashville to ensure government works for the citizens again, and not the political parties, political action committees, unions, lobbyists, and the other monies interests that care nothing for the liberty of the people?




















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