Final Day

Today is the final day for early voting here in Tennessee. It is a system that needs to be re-thought and put into alignment with the Constitution. That being said, we are where we are with it. You go into battle with the forces you have, not with the forces you wish you had.

If you have not voted early yet, and cannot make it to the polls on election day – get out and vote. Also, if you cannot make it today, form a plan to ensure you show up and participate in our form of self-governance on November 8th. Ask you neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers if they have a plan. Offer to drive them to the polls. If you don’t, the ruling elite will have a plan for you.

Once again, I am humbly asking everyone in Tennessee’s 12th House District to take a Stand in the Arena me in this election. Let us all work together to return sovereign control of our out-of-control government back to the citizens. Working together we can ensure elected government only serves it’s true master, not their current master of monied interests.




















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