Wise Words from a Wise Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, please read the wise words from a man that I consider to be a patriot and good friend. Here they are:

As Constitutional conservatives you know the importance of the upcoming election. The question is what will each of us do to contribute to making it a success?


Attached (in screenshots) is a list of five elections which were decided by one vote. Here are a couple of suggestions for what we can do.


  1. If you have a friend, or friends who are home bound, offer to take them to the polls.


  1. If you have a friend, or friends who are in a nursing home take them an absentee ballot. Have them complete it and then put it in the mail for them.


  1. Call your friends and remind them to vote a day ahead of time. Do not assume they will remember. Folks get busy. If you don’t believe it, ask them to do something and you will hear how busy they are. I guarantee it!
  1. PRAY! Pray and put feet to your prayers and not just on November 8th!  Pray daily for a Holy Spirit led revival and awakening across America!




















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