Investigate Your Choices!

I was speaking to a fellow conservative recently (who did not know me or that I was running for office). This conservative discovered that she had made a mistake that I am sure many people make during this election season.

She discovered that after talking to me, and finding out that I was running for office, a mistake in the voting booth was made. You see, she voted straight party line in this election. At this meeting we both attended she had the opportunity to read some of my campaign material and talked with me a bit she realized that voting straight party line was a mistake. Our positions on every issue aligned – state’s rights, the second amendment, broken “public” education, and election integrity. After she realized that she lives in the same district that I am running in, a vote for the “Republican” running was the wrong decision.

Well, that bell cannot be un-rung now. Because unlike the communists, people with integrity and love for our Constitutional Republic do not vote more than one time. There is a way to mitigate this problem though.

The way to mitigate this error is that everybody needs to investigate all the candidates on the ballot. Remember, voting for the same old, same old only results in more of the same. Everybody that follows this website and my social media pages needs to share the reasons why I am running as an Independent and to let their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers that there is a better alternative on the ballot for Tennessee’s 12th House District. Share, share, share. Spread the word!

Will you take a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle? Stand with me and restore citizen control of their state government! Return servant leadership to public office!


















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