Ladies and gentlemen, I had a really humbling experience today while going door to door and putting more campaign signs up.

I was just pulling away from my next to last sign up in Seymour and heading to the final location on Boyds Creek Road at the corner of Hodges Bend. I had noticed a truck turnaround at the location I was leaving and he began to follow me. When I pulled over he flagged me down and got out of his truck and approached me. I had no idea who this gentleman was at all. What happened next was the humbling part.

He introduced himself, told me he did not know who I was, but that he and his wife were going to vote for me, and that his son already had.

We then has a very nice discussion on the side of the road for about 20 minutes. We talked about healthcare, government picking winners and losers, as well as it failing to secure the peoples’ liberty.

All in all, it was a great talk. When I asked him how he heard about me, he stated that he saw one of my campaign signs about a week ago. He saw me driving around the community and wanted to talk to me. It is quite apparent that this gentleman and his family are tired of the same old, same old from our government and our current crop of elected officials.

Will you join with this gentleman and his family and take a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle?


















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