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Never Forget!

Do you all remember that was the nation’s rallying cry for many years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our nation? Do you remember how we rallied and came together as Americans in the immediate aftermath, and for several years after that? My oh my, how short a period of time it has been that we went from Never Forget, to where we are now.

There is a “Never Forget” moment happening right now all across our states, and our nation. Everyone reading this post needs to never forget these few things:

Never forget the unconstitutional actions our government took in response to a virus with a greater than 99% survival rate.

Never forget that the government, which is supposed to secure the peoples’ liberty, robbed us all of our liberty during the scamdemic.

Never forget that it was the government, at all levels, that determined whether or not you were an “essential” worker, or if your business was an “essential” business.

Never forget that it is, and continues to be, out of control government spending that is causing this rapid increase in inflation. Inflation that drained savings accounts already depleted for many of us because the government determined your employment was not essential to feeding, clothing, and housing our families.

Never forget that it was our own government that attempted to, and was often successful, forcing millions of us to subject ourselves to an experimental vaccine that has caused more injuries than all other vaccines before it combined. A vaccine that did not meet the old definition of vaccine, so they had to change the definition. Even then, it did not prevent transmission or infection by the virus. What these vaccines have been successful in doing is the government wasting our sweat equity, our tax dollars, in the purchase of millions of doses of it as well as other ineffective measures and medications. Increasing the level of generational debt government has placed on the backs of its citizens.

Never forget that it was our tax dollars that the government used to bribe hospitals and schools with ineffective, and it the case of hospitals – deadly, protocols. It was also government that forced many of our family member to die alone in hospitals and nursing homes across the nation.

Never forget that executive branches of governments all across the nation took unconstitutional actions to alter the way elections were conducted – resulting in (s)election of the most tyrannical federal regime in the history of our nation. Far surpassing the actions of the liberal, communist, FDR administration.

Never forget that it our own government weaponized law enforcement to go after parents all across the nation that were awakened to the evil that has been happening in “public” schools for generations now.

Never forget that our own government colluded with big tech to silence the voices of citizens all across the nation that dared to question any of the things I have mentioned.

Never forget that the government we always thought was supposed to secure our liberty was doing everything but that.

Never forget that even some of the “good guys” in government stood idly by while this was happening. The people that we elected to serve our interests at the local, state, and federal level were very quiet. After all, there positions were deemed “essential”, so they continued to get paid. Paid with our tax dollars.

The biggest “Never Forget” is happening right now. Nearly every elected official – at all levels of government – are asking you to re-elect them to their positions again. They are counting on the fact that we have all forgotten what they did, or did not do, during the past two years.

Will you take a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle? Will you stand with me to remind government of it’s primary responsibility – to secure the peoples’ liberty. Will you take a stand with me to remind them all of the oath they swore when they entered office?

Never Forget!


















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