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Mister Brandon Lewis, Publisher of Tennessee Conservative News sent all subscribers this brilliant email. I asked if I could share across all of my platforms and he agreed. Please read all the way through before you decide to disregard the contents. When you are done reading, if you do not agree, that is fine and also prerogative. If you do agree, then I ask that you share it with your other conservative friends and relatives. I believe there are very valid points in the email that Conservatives should take into account this election cycle, and every election cycle. The subject line of the email is this – Why I’m Not Voting For Bill Lee

The following is the body of the email:

If you don’t read email this until the VERY end, please don’t hit the reply button… 

First, I voted for Bill Lee 4- years ago because he made me 10 promises. What he called the “10 for Tenn” campaign promises. 

In this email, I will list those publicly-made promises and let you make up your own mind.

Did he deliver? Or did he lie about his intentions to get elected?

Second, I am a Conservative – not a republican. We have lots of “republicans” in Nashville and in our state party, few Conservatives. 

Here are the promises of Bill Lee. He said he would…

1 – Foster an Environment Where Jobs Continue to Grow – During the plandemic, Lee shut-down small businesses through his restrictions and/or allowed run-away County Mayors, City Mayors or unelected health boards to do the same. But, the Big Box and corporate retailers remained open. After the plandemic, small businesses closures hit 24.4%. Broken Promise…

2 – Rethink Public Education with Major Vocational Reforms, Real School Choice, and Civics Education – I’ve seen no “real school choice.” Personally, I have ZERO school choice for my kids. Do you? Lee’s much-touted voucher program only gave 350 families school choice out of almost one million TN kids. 

Academic achievement is pathetic in Tennessee schools with only 1/3 of our children able to read at “approaching grade level.” Mastery in all subject levels is in the single digits. Schools are unresponsive to parents and filled with leftist indoctrination. Broken promise…

3 – Stand up for Rural Tennessee by Expanding Economic Opportunity and Winning the War On Opioids – Other than a lot of Corporate Welfare, where Lee got a “D” rating from the Cato Institute for his billion-dollar giveaways to woke millionaires and billionaires, I’ve not seen any real investments in economic expansion in rural areas. You may correct me if I am wrong. Broken promise…

4 – Get Tough on the State Budget by Making Government Smaller and More Efficient – He expanded the budget by 21%. The legislature approved it. Is that smaller? Broken promise…

5 – Ensure New Voices in Nashville by Passing Term Limits and the Challenging the Influence Culture of Insiders – No term limits introduced by the Governor or passed. Nashville is more for insiders than it has ever been. Left-leaning corporations spend $450K per in lobbying alone per legislative member trying to get into your pocket. And it WORKS! They got a lot of CASH from you recently. Broken promise…

6 – Create a New Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives – Done. Slow clap. Please point to some results. 

7 – Make Government More Accessible, Open, and Accountable to Taxpayers – Is there any accountability to the corporations who Lee has given billions? What if they do not deliver the promises of prosperity and economic benefit to taxpayers? Will they have to give the money back – with interest? Nope. It’s a no-strings-attached-deal. Will we require reporting for taxpayer funded lobbyists? Nope. Broken Promise…

8- Protect and Defend a Culture of Life – He has not sucked on this. No problem here. I appreciate his lack of obstruction on this. 

9 – Defend Our Constitutional Liberties Without Compromise– No, Mr. Lee. During the plandemic, you threw our liberties in the garbage. And the Legislature let you. You trample on them still. You tried to cancel holiday gatherings and said that Christians who wanted to worship the Lord in assembly or gather with their family were “selfish.” My church was closed. My gym was closed. I was harassed and humiliated for wanting to live a normal life. 

Now we know, the masks were meaningless. The shots did not prevent anything. The lockdowns did NOTHING! Everyone jumped off he bridge, and you foolishly joined them. That is not leadership. That is failure.

If you want to test a man’s convictions, put him through a crisis. Lee had no convictions on our Constitutional rights.

Broken Promise…

10 – Enforce the Rule of Law on Immigration – You approved, against even the RINO leadership’s wishes, an illegal immigration center to be covertly opened in Chattanooga, TN – 5 minutes from my home and business – where children were both molested and lost. You did not back one meaningful legislative reform on illegal immigration in education, transportation or hiring, instead working against them. Yet you opened the door to giving professional licenses in Tennessee to illegals – and signed it into law.

I wish I could say this was a “broken” promise on illegal immigration. 

This is likely the biggest lie Bill Lee has told. His response to the current crisis is shameful.

Here’s the deal: Conservatives have to quit “holding their nose” in Tennessee.

Will I vote for the Democrat, nope. But, will I vote for Lee? Not a chance…

He lied. And lied. And lied again. Over, and over.

The only thing Bill Lee has going for himself is Tennessee’s large percentage of low-information voters.

You, as a subscriber to the Tennessee Conservative, are not one of them.

Honestly, if we had a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion, the Republican super-majority might have to actually start acting on their Conservative campaign promises.

They might DO SOMETHING significant legislatively on…. 

– School Choice 
– Illegal Immigration 
– Social Media Censorship 
– The Insane Gay Agenda In Schools 
– Critical Race Theory 
– Immoral Corporate Welfare 
– Election Integrity – Etc…

Right now, the Republican party leadership is bought and paid for by the left-leaning corporations in our state. We will reveal this in our “Follow-the-Money Report.” 

They can’t represent their districts because they are funded by the Chamber of Commerce, NFIB, medical lobby (like those in Vanderbilt who mutilate children for financial gain) and all the other left-leaning ilk in this state that are bringing California values to Tennessee!

With the GOP’s help or acquiescence in many cases. 

Please don’t get mad at me.

This has been what I have discovered from my 2-years running Tennessee’s only (and now the largest) Conservative news alternative 100% focused on the Volunteer state. 

Remember, I am not a journalist or a politician. I make ZERO dollars and have lost money – not made money – doing this. 

I do not delight or joy in the fact that this is what my daily experience has directed me to declare. To be honest, I NEVER thought it would be this bad. Never. But, it is.

Do we have some real Conservatives in Nashville? You better believe it… 

Thank GOD they are there as the “Thin Red Line.”

They are freaking fantastic. Warriors.

But, they are not in the highest levels of leadership. They chair very few committees.

The Conservatives’ legislation gets killed while the RINO’s carry the corporate agenda. That is the unfortunate reality.

Do not shoot the messenger. Would you rather I mince words or deceive you out of fear for my personal benefit? 

That’s not what I would want from a news source or a man who ran one.

When I go to vote, I will not fill in an oval for Bill Lee. I can’t, in good conscience.

Will he win? Yep. No doubt… That’s not the point. The point is the principle of the matter.

A thing that has been lost in our culture these days. 

Who will I vote for? Honestly, it does not matter from a statistical standpoint. At my heart, I’m a classical economist.

Sometimes who you DON’T vote for is as important as who you DO vote for. I’ll leave you to make your own, educated decision based on research. 

Now, this email will probably lose me subscribers. I do not give a fig.

I did not get into this because I wanted to. Because I needed the money or approval.

I got into this because I HAD TO. Because no one else in the TN media was standing up for normal Tennesseans when the GOP was abdicating their responsibilities to defend our Constitutional Rights during a time most have seemed to forgotten already. 

No. I will not forget the last 2 years as if they never happened.

Nor should you. Long memories make for good decisions. 

We have no real Conservative News alternative in this state except for ours. Few patriots willing to fight for the truth, even if it gets you accosted or labeled. 

Who will stand in the gap? I hope you will stand with me. Many of you do already and I applaud you.

The “easy way out” would have been to never send this email. “Easy” is rarely right. The way, as we are told, is narrow and straight.

Frankly, I do not feel qualified to walk it. Yet one walks beside me. Why I cannot fathom.

Here’s the deal: I will not do the disservice of being dishonest to you politically through my silence. If there is a tough call to make – truth to be told – I’ll tell it.

Even if it costs me. And this has cost me. Plenty. 

This email will cost me still more.

That’s my job.

If you appreciate the job we do, help us spread the word to others – like us – by donating to our noble cause.

You’ll get this in the morning, but I’ve got to go to bed. It’s 11:17 eastern time.

I’m an “early bird” not a “night owl.”

Like you, I’ve got a “real job.” One that pays the bills.

I gotta get into the bed now… cause I ain’t no spring chicken anymore.

I hope this has both helped and encouraged you. If it hasn’t, I apologize.

However, this is something I’ve needed to get off my chest for a long time.

And I should have done it sooner. 

In Freedom – not the fake kind…

Brandon Lewis
Conservative Citizen Journalist
Publisher, Tennessee Conservative News

Ladies and Gentlemen, you all have the freedom to vote your conscience and I will always defend that freedom. All that I ask is that you make truly informed decisions in the voting booth, as well as encourage everybody you know to do the same as well. Don’t let your vote be taken for granted anymore, that is what the ruling elite in the political parties do continuously. That is why I am an Independent, Constitutional Conservative.

Will you Take a Stand in the Arena with me this election cycle? I am humbly asking for you vote and I can promise I will never take your vote or your support for granted.


















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