Economic Geniuses

Actually, that is the complete opposite of what the current federal administration is. The Ice Cream Connoisseur has proposed a plan to refill our nation’s strategic petroleum reserve in the near future. Mind you, the nation’s reserves had to be tapped primarily because of the communist party’s war on American prosperity. Notice I did not say the oil and gas industry, but American prosperity. The recently passed “Inflation Reduction Act” is the “Green New Deal” just renamed. The main accomplishments of that legislation are to increase inflation and reduce American prosperity. You see, the communist party cannot have a successful oil and gas industry, that creates and sustains a prosperous middle class in our country. That would ultimately defeat their goal of creating a ruling elite class and a permanent serf class. The artful lies with naming legislation continues.

With regard to the child sniffers plan, he wants the oil and gas producers to lock in a price for the government to pay so they can re-fill the reserves, hoping the producers ignore economic realities. The reserves would have not needed to be tapped into (and some of it sold to China), if we had maintained our energy independence achieved under the last administration. Again, that is a war on American prosperity. Now the “geniuses” in the current regime what to spend billions more taxpayer dollars to refill the reserves and the oil producers to take the hit as well.

Read the article here – Biden Pitches Plan to Refill Oil Reserves, but Producers Are Skeptical (

There will be those on the left that tout this Administration’s efforts to lower prices at the pump (really only done because it is costing them votes in the election), completely blind to the fact that this Administration put us into this position in the first place. This is not “Putin’s Price Hike”, which many of the communist lemmings believe. This is the commie’s war on American prosperity and the middle class.

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