An Enumerated Power?

Is picking winners and losers in the private sector an enumerated power of the federal government? The obvious answer is NO.

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In fact, in the federalist papers the Founding Fathers stated that was the opposite of Congress’ taxing powers. To pick winners and losers in the private economy, or any other sector of society. Yet here we are.

Just how did we get here? There are a few contributing factors. The main culprit is the unconstitutionally passed 16th Amendment. Prior to that amendment being passed, the federal treasury was limited in passing spending bills that were outside the scope of its enumerated powers. Revenue only supported actual constitutional functions of the federal government. Everything else, rightly so under out system of federalism, belonged to the states and the people. However, now that the federal government gets the first cut of every American’s wage earnings – they spend our sweat equity without thought.

Another contributing factor is an off-shoot of the first. With the federal government having access to our money – the central government can, and does, get compliance from the individual state governments. Because Uncle Sam’s 50 nephews want in on that extra cut of money. Did you ever notice how state elected representatives brag about bring in more federal funding for their districts? Almost as if they found the leprechaun’s fictional pot of gold. The individual state governments – through their legislators, are allowing themselves to be brined with the citizens’ own money.

Which leads us to the third contributing factor. The apathy of the electorate. The people of this country have failed to properly restrain all levels of government, forgetting that all governmental power is inherent in the people.

Will you take a stand in the arena with me this election cycle? To do the work necessary to put government back into its constitutionally limited box?

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