It Is Time

Parents, if you have previously considered homeschooling your children before and discarded that idea before – it is time to reconsider.

Also, if you didn’t think that the corrosive, divisive, and sexualizing curriculums in government schools weren’t bad enough – it is time to reconsider.

If you have ever doubted, or did not believe, that the government wants to replace you with it in your children’s lives – it is time to reconsider.

Today, a government three letter agency decided to force you to vaccinate your children with a very unreliable and often harmful vaccine in order for them to attend government schools. In fact, it is only called a vaccine now because the government redefined what a vaccine is and does recently.

A government that has lied to you repeatedly. About Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, Gender Theory teaching, “family friendly” drag queen shows for children, and many other things.

It is time to reconsider homeschooling your children before it is too late. Too late to save your children from the mental illness producing factories that government education has become. Now they are including physical illness to their repertoire. All to “vaccinate” a segment of our society that is the least vulnerable to the WuFlu.

Oh, please don’t even think about how it is your tax dollars that purchased this vaccine they are using too. These people are evil. Save your children. Get them out of government schools ASAP.


















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