Will you?

Will you decide to take a stand in the arena this election cycle? Early voting begins this week.

Our Constitutional Republic needs every citizen to participate in our system of self-governance or it will devolve into an oligarchy. Much as we are seeing today with the two-party political system in control.

The Founding Fathers designed a system of government where the individual states would be a check against an overreaching central government. This system of federalism needs bold and decisive action by the states’ legislatures to push back, and they have failed to do so for generations now.

Do you want this to continue? If so, keep voting (or not voting) the same way that put us in this predicament. If you don’t want Tennessee, and the nation, to continue down this path of self-destruction, then take a Stand in the Arena.

It is only by breaking away from the bad habits of the past that we can truly make a difference and remind government that it works for the people, and not for lobbyists, corporations, or monied interest groups. All power is inherent in the people and we need to start exercising it. So, make a plan to vote in the upcoming election. Make it a priority. Bring your neighbor or co-worker to the polls with you. However you do it, just ensure that you VOTE.

Stand in the Arena with me this election.


















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