Actual Quid Pro Quo

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you all have been following some international news here recently. First though, I want to take you all back to December 18, 2019. That was when the House of Representatives – strictly along a party line vote (meaning the Communists voted Yes and the Republicans, even the RINOs, voted NO) to impeach President Trump the first time for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Those two charges stemmed from a phone call between President Trump and Ukranian President Zelensky on July 25, 2109, where the Commies alleged as our President offering Ukraine a “Quid Pro Quo” for election interference. President Trump ended up being acquitted of the charges in the Senate on February 5, 2020. Why was he acquitted? Well, the evidence pointed out the fact that there was no “Quid Pro Quo”. The evidence was a transcript of the phone call, and the charges were brought up by an Anti-Trump member of the U.S. Army – Lieutenant Colonel Out of Standards Vinman. Who by the way was working hand in glove with Congressman Shifty Schiff.

Now, let’s fast forward to the recent news. The Saudi-led OPEC+ oil cartel announced earlier this month that member states would be cutting oil output, by approximately 2 million barrels per day later this month, which angered the Biden administration. An understanding of basic economics shows that by cutting supply, prices will go up. As they have been recently despite this Administration draining our strategic oil reserves. This will be happening just prior to the mid-term elections on November 8th. Of course, that will look bad (as if anything can make this Administration look any worse) for Biden and the rest of the Communists that have been working overtime to destroy our economy.

Well, Biden asked Saudi Arabia to delay the action until after the mid-term elections or arms sales to the Kingdom would be halted. Does that sound familiar? It should because that is exactly what the Commies accused President Trump of doing on that July 25, 2019, phone call with President Zelensky. President Biden issued a “Quid Pro Quo” to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to interfere in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Are they any calls for impeachment? Is there any action by Congress to enforce the same standard they established in 2019 regarding Presidential “Quid Pro Quo’s”? Of course not, not even from the RINOs.

Just another example that both political parties are two sides of the same coin. We need our states legislatures to stand up and assert their sovereignty over the federal government and put an end to this madness. We need to restore our Constitutional Republic and federalism system of government where the federal government has very limited powers.

I am asking you all to take a Stand in the Arena with me this November to begin this work in the Tennessee General Assembly.

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