Binary Choice

The apathy that has fallen over our Republic, and Tennessee, for so long has led people to believe they only have a binary choice among their candidates. Republican or Democrat.

Thankfully there is no Democrat running in the race that I am competing it. There is just the same old, same old binary choice for the GOP candidate. My entry into the race provides voters with an option that I believe is much better.

A vote for the remaining binary choice will get you the same old, same old. Or, you could vote for somebody with a verifiable 30+ year record of standing in the gap between the citizens and those who would do our country wrong.

Look at the past two years and consider what the same old, same old has done for us. The highest inflation in 40 years, on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, forced participation in medical experiments, masking children, shuttering business, and on and on.

These same people that represent the binary choices forced upon the electorate for generations are asking for you to keep them in the same positions that robbed you of your liberty and waste your sweat equity.

It is time for us all to take a Stand in the Arena and say NO! Residents of Tennessee House District 12, you do not have to choose the binary option. This November you can vote for Larry Linton. I stand ready to serve the citizens again!


















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