True Example of Liberalism

The below screenshot of a liberal’s tweet is the most accurate portrayal of exactly how they think and feel about anybody that does not fall in line with their group think. Always keep this picture in mind when talking to a liberal. They absolutely hate free thinking people that would not trade liberty for a bit of security. They want to crush you and do away with you. We will touch on this a bit on tomorrow’s podcast episode.

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3 thoughts on “True Example of Liberalism

  1. What that moron doesn’t understand is that he will be amongst the very 1st to be shot himself. I am so sick of wilfully ignorant people that I could almost puke! We need to buy in to his view his utopian view of what he believes the country should look like and toss God family and country in the trash bin of history of how’s that gonna work out for all of us duh

    On Tue, Nov 30, 2021, 5:13 PM Liberty, Leadership and Lies with Larry Lint

  2. We all want to get back to normal. Unfortunately, many people are bullied into thinking the jab will provide a magic ticket back to “normal”.

    1. We will never return to “normal”. The best we can hope for, work hard for, is to have every American shake off the apathy that has gripped our Republic for generations and restore government to its only intended function.

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