Even Local Governments HATE us

Please check out the attached document. Then let’s discuss a few disconcerting items in it.

The first thing to note is how these are being passed off as “regulations”, getting around the sticky point of not calling them a law. Incremental liberty erosion through controlling the language.

Notice how they define disaster in the definition portion of these new “regulations”. Conveniently putting the word “plague” in paragraph A.1. Also included in this definition is the word “epidemic”. Kind of like C0V1D, right?

In paragraph A.4. when discussing “prevention”, it is defined as actions to protect lives and property. Falls neatly in line with “we follow the science”, but not all of the science. Just their preferred source of science facts much as we have seen for the past 20 months now.

Enough about the definitions, but really read them and then apply to how our federal government is operating right now. Control the language to control the outcome.

In paragraph B.2.a. the Chair of the BOCC can declare at disaster, as defined earlier in the “regulations” for a period of up to 72 hours. A whole lot can happen in 72 hours. Especially with the power they just granted themselves. Like entering into agreement with “other entities” as appropriate for the protection of life and property. Keep reading the document further though to see what power they granted themselves though.

B.2.d.(1) – Curfew affecting “such categories of persons as may be designated.” I just wonder what category of persons they are referring to? Maybe people that are just tired of government overreach?

B.2.d.(3) – Controlling, restricting, allocating or regulating the use, sale, production or distribution of FOOD, WATER…. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all, now does it.

B.2.d.(4) – Government giving itself the authoring to determine which businesses are essential or non-essential. I believe that in a free country every business owner considers their business essential, but Government is now taking over that decision.

B.2.d.(5) – Well, well, well. A clear violation of the Second Amendment. “Shall not be infringed” is completely infringed by these regulations.

B.2.d.(7) and (8) – Remember every time you see the word “public”, it means government controlled or owned. This regulation is meant to limit movement. Gee, I wonder why? Also, controlling private buildings, streets, alleys, sidewalks, or other private spaces? Sounds very Third Reich to me, how about you?

B.2.d.(11) – Commandeer private property? Wow. Just wow!

B.2.d.(17) – Suspend or limit the use of the county’s water resources. So, failure to comply with any of the proceeding, you can’t have any drinking, bathing, cleaning water. Isn’t that magnanimous of them?

B.2.d.(23) – You are not allowed any use of utilities. Hmmmmmmm

B.4. – Authority to enter property. Private property is no longer private – if the Chair of the BOCC declares an emergency. Isn’t that special.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist. Beware your local town and/or country government is not trying to do the same thing. This county mostly leans Democrat in its political behavior. Just remember this though – you can VOTE yourselves into Socialism/Totalitarianism, but you will always have to FIGHT your way out of it.

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