Malicious Actions or Severe Incompetence

As I have been telling listeners and followers for month’s now – the Arizona audit released findings that Maricopa County’s November 2020 election was riddled with fraud. Now, you will not hear that on many, if not all, of the major network and cable news shows. If you had actually watched the AZ hearing today you know there are two vastly different narratives out there. The one from the hearing, and all the others. As we all know, critical thinking is beyond the ability of your average Democrat or liberal voter so they must be made to see the actual results. much as they have forced most of the public to submit to unconstitutional mandates and coerced medications, they must be FORCED to watch and read the actual testimony.

Actual evidence has been provided of malicious actions or severe incompetence. You know it was malicious actions and our Republic needs to rectify this if it is to survive.

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