More lies

In this post I will be attaching the FDA’s letter that big government statists and the mini-tyrants in business and social media are touting as Pfizer’s approval for the vaccine. Read it carefully.

What to look for in the letter are the phrases/words – “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine” and “COMIRNATY”. The Pfizer-BioNTech is still still covered by the the Emergency Use Authorization and not granted full approval (as is being touted all over). COMIRNATY (unavailable in the USA) was given the approval. Now see the below from Senator Johnson in his letter to the FDA.

It looks like somebody in DC is paying attention. I know, that is rare. It is up to you to understand fully the lengths an agency of the government will lie to us. Our government HATES us.

At this point, if you or anybody you know, is pushing the vaccine on you – it is not for the public health. It is done to force you to participate in their stupid actions, or it is done to force you to bend to their control. Stand you ground. Get the vax if you want, don’t get the vax if you don’t want.

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