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Critical Race Theory Info

The Critical Race Theory has gained much attention in recent weeks, A parent in Virginia was arrested for voicing his opposition to this indoctrination material being taught to his children. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has endorsed it being taught at West Point, an Admiral supports it being taught to Members of the United States Navy, and on it goes. Citizens are finally beginning to organize and speak out against this Marxist indoctrination and that is good. However, to effectively speak out, we need to be able to intelligently express our opposition to its teachingStig Medby will present a powerful PowerPoint presentation to help enable us to do so.


Please join us on Thursday, July 15that 6:00PM to hear his presentation. We will meet in the third-floor meeting room of the Sevier County Courthouse (rear entrance). Some may say that the Tennessee General Assembly has passed a law against the CRT from being taught in our schools and that is true. We thought that the Common Core would never be in our schools, but it is under a different name. I am not suggesting that the same thing will happen with the Critical Race Theory. What I am saying is that we need to speak out loud and clear to our elected officials that we are unequivocally against it ever being taught. In doing so it is imperative that we can articulate our opposition accurately and convincingly.


Please share this invitation with your friends and family!!

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