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🚨 If you want to stop illegal immigration in Tennessee, I suggest you take a moment and call State Senator Todd Gardenhire right now and express your concerns.

His phone number is (615) 741-6682. CALL NOW. ☎️

Do not wait. Do not think “someone else will do it.” They will not.

Here’s why you should call Todd.

Senator Todd Gardenhire was appointed to a state task force, focused on “refugee” issues in Tennessee. In fact, he volunteered for it.

Some of his recent comments have many Republicans and Conservatives worried that Todd does not understand that Tennesseans do not want to house illegal immigrants in Tennessee.

It’s not that we are not compassionate. We are.

However, we understand that Joe Biden is using refugee resettlement as a back door to push illegal immigration in Tennessee in a massive, fast-paced way.

Our schools, hospitals, foster care and social services systems cannot handle more of what Todd is endorsing.

We need Republicans to stand up against this, not cheer for it.

Conservatives do not want it “studied.”

Conservatives want it STOPPED.

In fact, we want these illegal immigration centers to be removed from Tennessee entirely.

My fear is this: If the immigration study committee thinks we do not care about these issues, they’ll issue “strong statements” but will do nothing about the issue from a practical, legislative or policing standpoint.

Now, the liberal media outlets in Tennessee are praising Todd Gardenhire’s comments and they are running them wall-to-wall in order to influence public opinion and convince Republicans to be soft on illegal immigration.

This is why we are working overtime to keep you informed about illegal immigration here at The Tennessee Conservative.

Call Todd Gardenhire and tell him we do not want more illegal immigration in Tennessee – no matter that new label he wants to put on it. No matter how he wants to spin it.

This is not about Todd’s personal feelings. It’s about the policy preferences Tennessee Republicans and Conservatives THOUGHT they were voting for when they elected him recently.

We want strong policy against illegal immigration.

Not empty promises to “look into the matter.”

Call (615) 741-6682 and tell Todd what you think.

Finally, and this is important…

If you appreciate what we are doing here at The Tennessee Conservative to cover illegal immigration and keep you informed, please consider donating to our publication.

Give Here:

We depend on conservatives like you to keep us on the watchtower.

Illegal immigration is a controversial issue Conservatives care about… but the mainstream press and RINO Republicans do not care about it.

They want cheap labor and a BLUE Tennessee.

Help us stop illegal immigration by holding our leaders accountable.

With your help, we will win the fight.

Support us now:

Yours in Freedom,

Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Tennessee Conservative

P.S. By the way, Todd is MY state senator. Even though I have contacted him on this matter, he has not returned my calls or emails. This current illegal immigration center is only 5 minutes from my home!

If Todd is OK with it being in his district, rest assured he’s ok with putting one in YOUR DISTRICT!

1 – Call him today: (615) 741-6682

2 – Support Our Efforts:

Thanks, B.L

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