This is your government looking out for you

I just finished reading an interesting op-ed by Tennessee State Senator Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga). I say interesting because it is based mostly upon feelings, as well throwing in a biblical reference to try and gain some further credibility. Please do not believe the “R” by his name. It should actually be a “T” for “Transpublican”. You can identify those politicians that campaigned as a Republican, but now identify as something completely different

Anyway, here is the article –

After reading this, please contact Tennessee Speaker of the House and Speaker of the Senate and demand Senator Gardenhire’s removal from the joint study commission on refugees that was recently formed in the wake of the recent news reports about the Usurper-in-Chief’s administration ferrying illegal aliens into our state (and many others) in the dead of night. Senator Gardenhire’s clearly demonstrated bias proves he is unfit to fulfill his oath of office as well as uphold the rule of law in our state.

There is also this video from a news outlet here in Tennessee –

An actual journalist reporting the news and providing background on Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee and his complicity in this invasion of illegal aliens. Governor Lee’s history gives us a bit of insight into what he will do with any recommendation that comes from the recently formed joint study commission on refugess.

Standby Tennessee. It seems that regardless of proclaimed political party affiliation by our elected officials here in the state of Tennessee, for the most part they have a couple of things in common.

  1. They do not uphold the oath they swore.
  2. They want to force public (government) charity on every citizen of Tennessee.
  3. They will quote bible verses out of context to get the public to believe in what they are doing.
  4. They will dilute the birthright of legal citizens through the importation of illegal aliens
  5. They will steal your sweat equity and liberty to accomplish all of the above.

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