Servant Leadership on Display

Rarely do we see an elected official act as a true servant leader for the people that chose to put them in their position of leadership. We have seen multiple examples of elected officials that made campaign promises to serve the people that elected them turn right around act as a ruler. A usurper of our liberty. Disregard the position of President of the United States of America for now, and focus on those elected to the position of Governor of their states. Over the course of this pandemic we have seen Governors turn in to mini-dictators, enacting mandates under the guise of “protecting” our health that steal our liberty (Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsome, et al). We have also seen Governors walk the tight rope of trying appear non-dictatorial in the public eye but passing the buck in the pandemic to unelected officials (they themselves appointed) such as state health commissioners, sacrificing their constituents liberty to the bureaucratic machine (Tennessee’s own Governor Lee tops my list). Then there are Governor’s like Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

This article is one of many that highlight Florida’s Governor as a true defender of individual liberty, thereby being a true servant leader. He should hold a seminar for all other Governor’s to learn how to work to protect the individual liberties of their citizens.

Please read about how Governor DeSantis is fighting for his state’s people and the state’s economy – Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Florida Won’t Waver in Fining Cruise Lines Over Passenger Vaccination Requirements (

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